This board has been designed for rapid testing of USB designs based on Microchip PIC MCU type PIC18F2455. Preloaded with a Bootloader and UBW Firmware.

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This board, based on microcontroller PIC18F2455 of Microchip, has been designed in order to facilitate a fast prototype of your designs so it has several important features, cost, size, powerful and easy handling.

The board is provided with the required electronic to be powered from the USB. It is ready to be used with the microchip Pickit 2/3 programmer/debugger by an ICSP connector.

There are total 20 inputs/outputs available to the user. There are two LED's on board (Red/Blue).

The board is delivered with diolan bootloader preprogrammed, in order to avoid the use of a programmer.


  • General Characteristics:
    • PIC18F2455
    • 12MHz Crystal
    • 48MHz CPU Clock
    • 24KB Flash ROM (22K usable with Bootloader)
    • 256 Bytes EEPROM
    • 2KB of RAM
    • 20 Digital Inputs/Outputs
    • ICSP connector for Pickit 2/3 programmer/debugger
  • Power supply characteristics:
    • USB power
  • Dimensions (incl USB connector): 5,4  x 1,7 cm

Default user application preprogrammed: UBW Firmware version D 1.43 - USB Bit Wacker. This is simple UART style protocol that allows the I/O Pins to be manipulated using any terminal program or application that can talk to COM ports. CDC Driver (INF file) is supplied as well.


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